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Oil storage

Aside from being official distributor for Castrol & BP Marine, Cassol is also responsible for storage and handling logistics on behalf of its suppliers. After many years of successful collaborations with many of the world's leading oil producers, we have learned that a good stockist makes the difference between happy and unhappy customers.

As part of the mission of providing high-standard services, Cassol implemented a series of measures regarding environmental protection and storage safety. In 2009 we have been certified by Germanischer Lloyd on meeting all core issues of an environmental management system according to ISO 14001. To offer storage facilities in compliance with the law, we also had to follow various Romanian and European rules regarding environmental protection and pollution prevention, and have our staff trained on various aspects of eco-friendly storage.

Having an experience of over 15 years as oil storage manager, we have been able to offer advice in order to help customers set up their own storage facilities, and continued representing them in Romania. We are currently able to store lubricants in various packaging, such as pails, drums and bulk, in IBC (Intermediate bulk container). As for distribution and delivery, we have the ability to pump the oil to the customer's vessel with the equipment installed on our own truck.

If you are representing a company in the oil industry, and you are interested in having a stockist in Constanta, then please contact us at +40/241617975 or by e-mail at

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